Q&A fanart

Regarding Synth, Meena, and Nunessa.

Fanart is allowing. Buying commissions/Skebs of us is allowed

#PumpkinSound = Synth
#PumpkinNun = Nunessa
#MeenaNun = Meena
🔞: #PumpkinSin
🔞: #MeenaRitual

Canon notes: (For fun)
Height: All are tall. Nunessa > Meena > Synth
Bust: Meena > Synth > Nunessa
Hip: Meena > Nunessa > Synth
Age: All 3 are mid 20s
•Us with your character is OK✅
•Us with Dollhouse members is OK✅
•Shipping fluff is OK✅
•Us with someone/VTubers we don't really know🛑
•🎃Synth & Nunessa prefer women but are open to HET mainly if it's Feitan (From HxH)⚠️
•🎃Sex toys are allowed✅
•✝️Meena isn't restricted✅
•🩸Guro: ✅
•👯With You/Friends/Dollhouse members: ASK⚠️ (Some wouldn't like it and some would only like tasteful pinup rather than anything graphic)
•🎭Random VTubers we don't know: NO 🛑

Not strict rules but our personal preferences. Not going to condemn you for whatever you wanna do.